Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas link update

Howdy and well met people. I'm back for some little Rachel's elf job :)

Here are the new - and old - blogs that are coming around and that I could find, which are not yet in the list:

A tight Spot: A place for nylon centered captions mostly

Kaity's blog: She has been for a long, long, long time in the Haven and you should do well in following her in her blog too!

Kyra's blog: She's also from the Haven, part of her blog is the musings of a sissy minded gal and part of is the caption fun. Go check if you hadn't

Alexis: A really prolific person that do captions like you would eat in on a daily basis. Definitely worth to check it out!

Erica: Caps and animations on it.

Tight and Shiny: A blog dealing with bondage play and rubber and encasement sometimes.

Terri: A lovely brit from the Haven, set up her blog a while ago this year and while it's mostly about her everyday. There is the possibility of a caption to fall on it too.

Kendall's blog: Doing with lots of captions to check out.

Candi Came's blogs: Candi has two blogs, one dealing with TG often filled with latex centered fashion and/or maids caps, but there is also room for the sissy fantasy in there two. The second is a rare in the TG/TF community as it deals with transformations fantasies into objects.

Trial of a Lust Apprentice (Danielle's Blog): This blog is centered on corruption/latex themes and such. Mostly corruption stories. Worth checking out.

Betty's blog: Mostly doing with inflatable boobs fantasies and bimbozitation too

Meg's blog:

Britney's blog: A blog that is surprisingly with caps in a similar style to Steffimariechen's ones.

Now the sad news:

Amy's blog was closed down

Realfield's blog was closed down, but now its taken a new form in this one:

And that's all for a comprehensive list of new found blogs.

Have a happy holidays!


Steffimariechen's blog was opened again!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moving to Tumblr

Hey there! :)

Due to the upscaling and unnerving sensation that everything could explode at any moment with Blogger... Some users, (such as myself) have decided to start, making a second "home" for their works...

I'll keep you informed If I find others but you can already start to "follow us" in here:

Annabelle - TG (Annabelle's blog)

Alectraplaygrounds (Alectra's blog)

Bsuit Caps (Erin G's blog) (Discontinued for now)

Ellies Captions (Ellie's blog)

Modern Goddess TG (Mistress Simone's blog)

TG Backburner (Evie's blog)

Codex Of Corruption (Victoria's blog) (She only has this version!)

I'm sure that some others, will start making such an advance in the upcoming months, so in the events of that happening, I'll make another note of it, for those that follow this site...

Thank you!

P.S: There's also a TF-Media Site (Unknown User) making an effort to collect, anything that has to deal with TG in Tumblr too!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rachel little helper!

Hello everyone, since Rachel wanted to have a space where you could see Reviews, what's on this month or just a simple list of all the blogs we find all over the net dealing with our own shared interests. I offered myself to do that, and from time to time I'll keep the list udpated. Inform you of new blogs or spend some time on a review of a hot blog to keep you on your true interests!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Blogs that are down, will be suited as such and not removed, just in case someday the owner decides to come back or the blog is on again for whatever reason!

For example: Evie from Evie's Backburner was taken down recently so remember that is not longer accesible.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Flash TF Caps

Haven't had a chance to peek myself, but it be there.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1st Round of Links are Up

If you see a blog or site not yet listed, feel free to contact me. I'll be adding more soon probably.

An Old Idea Reborn

Some may remember years ago I used to point out the new groups and sites that popped up in captioning before Rachel's Haven was more than a thought in my head, but I stopped when a booming website took more of my attention. Well, it seems new captioners on Blogger actually have a harder time getting the word out about their new blogs so I thought why not revive that old habit?

So, if you just started a new blog or you have an old one not listed here already then feel free to contact me here or back on Rachel's Haven and we'll post about it here to help you get the word out. Any caption blog focusing on transformations of any type are welcome.